Cryptocurrency trading platform Blockbid teams up with Nugget’s News

Cryptocurrency trading platform Blockbid teams up with Nugget’s News

Australian cryptocurrency trading platform Blockbid has announced its partnership with Australia’s source for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency education, Nugget’s News. The partnership will not only provide the secure exchange with even greater security but will also see the exchange become the first exchange worldwide to partially outsource their coin auditing.

The partnership further adheres to Blockbid’s mission of allowing users to ‘trade with confidence’ by using an impartial, unbiased third-party as a gatekeeper. Following any coin listing application received by the exchange, Nugget’s News will prepare an exclusive report offering a comprehensive review or the coin in question. This will enable Blockbid to make an informed decision as to whether they should list the coin on their exchange.

Working alongside Nugget’s News, Blockbid will be able to make faster decisions as to when and if a coin is to be listed, thanks to the fundamental technical analysis the educational platform is able to provide.

David Sapper, COO at Blockbid

David Sapper, COO at Blockbid

David Sapper, COO at Blockbid, said:

Nugget’s News is a global industry leading cryptocurrency news brand, which focuses on user education. Their ethos on cryptocurrency education is aligned with our own and their insight and expertise will assist greatly with Blockbid’s auditing process.

This is the third partnership announcement from the cryptocurrency trading platform, having recently begun working alongside LexisNexis Risk Solutions for their fraud prevention and authentication security for the platform, and BitSpread as their liquidity provider.

CEO and Founder of Nugget’s News, Alex Saunders commented:

Nugget’s News has always strived to be a trusted voice in the community and our mission is to educate and provide fair, unbiased fundamental analysis of blockchain projects. Blockbid’s values align with those of the Nugget’s News Team and it’s an honour to be recognised by them as an auditing partner. I really look forward to being involved with Blockbid’s impressive team and I’m inspired by their vision. This relationship is very exciting as we’ll be contributing to the wider adoption of digital assets in Australia and it’s a fantastic opportunity to build best practice analysis standards for the industry we all love.

A secure cryptocurrency trading platform, Blockbid uses the latest security protocols and designs. All funds on the platform are secured by multi-signature wallets, as well as having all cryptocurrency assets insured against potential cyberattacks.

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