Token Report and Blockchain News merge to increase ICO data coverage

Advanced Blockchain AG announce investment in WOM Token

Token Report, the database of verified information on ICOs, announced today its merger with Blockchain News, the industry publication on blockchain and cryptocurrency news. Although combined, each business will continue operations independent of one another: Token Report will remain a subscription-based information network, providing financial data on each ICO, while Blockchain News will remain an ad-supported news site, producing news and information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The two will share resources, operating as a research facility and newsroom.

We are excited to collaborate with the dependable team from Blockchain News to expand our coverage and our offering,” said Galen Moore, CEO and founder of Token Report. “Together, we will put knowledge of cryptocurrency and the blockchain into the hands of users that range from newcomers to the largest institutional investors.

Blockchain News started as an open-source journalism project, and now is a revenue-generating newsroom supporting over 150 news articles a month,” said Richard Kastelein, Founder of Blockchain News. “The synergy between Token Report and Blockchain News is clear, and the data from Galen’s team will add a layer of depth and detail few publications in the blockchain niche can match.

Bitcoin crossing the $10,000 price threshold this week is a reminder of the need to provide accurate information to an ever-growing population invested in cryptocurrency, as well as the growing importance of reliable data to crypto’s leading investors.

Blockchain has the potential to change industries from online loans to academic research.

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