Blockchain-powered Shopping App Wys Becomes First ICO from Germany

Wysker, a Berlin-based startup that decentralizes e-commerce and that has built the first blockchain-powered shopping app, has now become the first ICO in Germany. What is more, this is the world’s first blockchain-powered shopping app with a radical twist to mobile discovery and the first ICO from a company incorporated in Germany.

On October 2nd, 2017 at 18:00 UTC, wysker started the first German ICO. Their 30%pre-sale bonus lasts until November 1st, 2017 at 14:00 UTC and is capped at 500m wys Tokens. wysker’s ICO starts on November 1st, 2017 at 14:00 UTC with a weekly bonus period starting at 15%. The company’s product, the wysker App, will be officially launched after the end of their ICO on December 1st, 2017.

The wysker App revolutionizes the way people shop on their phones. It fills the gap between inspiration (Pinterest, Instagram) and shopping (Amazon, Google). It offers a game changing UX with a single-button navigation that
allows users to browse through thousands of products at a speed of up to 20 items per second. The speed can be regulated, users can swipe through products, and double tab to buy. It mimics the way people shop offline and translates this experience to their mobile phones. It solves a common problem of the web: “the internet lets you buy, but it doesn’t let you shop.”, as famously said by Ben Evans (Partner at Andreessen Horowitz Partner, December 2016).

By focusing exclusively on product discovery, the wysker App generates breakthrough consumer data that reveals a user’s purchase intent. Founder and CEO Tobias Haag: “what if we do not sell this data, like everyone else, to advertisers, but instead give the ownership back to its users.” It’s decentralization down to it’s core and the introduction of a new model for e-commerce. The ERC-20 utility wys Token was born and the wysker App became the world’s first blockchain-powered shopping app.

The wys Token gives user discounts for product views, advertisers access to potential buyers, and retailers new opportunities to grow their sales. Users on the wysker App are incentivized with wys Tokens for downloading and using the app. Earned wys Tokens reduce product prices on the wysker App. Advertisers need to buy wys Tokens to get access to potential buyers, thus increasing the demand for wys Tokens. On the wysker Platform, users get paid for giving access to their data. It’s a completely new model to promote products that wysker calls: “advertising based on consent.”

Founded by Tobias Haag, Ann-Lauriene Haag and Kai Jaeger, wysker’s mission is to give the power back to consumers and to pave the way for the wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies in e-commerce. To make this possible, wysker aims to raise 107k ETH (approximately $25m) until December 1st, 2017 14:00 UTC. Unlike traditional ICO’s, wysker has already sold over 11m wys Tokens to 500 consumers, of which most of them have never invested in an ICO before. Right after the end of wysker’s ICO on December 1st, 2017, it’s finished product, the wysker App will be released to the public to make hyperspeed shopping possible.

With rising adoption of the wysker App, and better consumer data, the demand for wys Tokens will increase as more advertisers want to reach potential buyers. For this, a total of 3bn wys Tokens have been issued of which 1.7bn are offered during the wys Token ICO. It’s a closed economy that drives value with a revolutionary approach to mobile shopping. wysker is a new platform that decentralizes digital commerce and introduces blockchain-powered mobile shopping.

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Blockchain-powered Shopping App Wys Becomes First ICO from Germany

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