Big ambition: Chaineum managing €300 million ICO for Money by Design

Money by Design ICO

Ambitious even by cryptocurrency standards, ICO boutique firm Chaineum has announced the launch of a planned €300 million ICO for Money by Design (

Money By Design’s stated purpose is to launch what it calls the first real digital currency in history – by reassessing the uses of money for more fluid transactions and virtuous socio-economic relations.

The Money By Design project is defined as the Smart Tokenization Blockchain. It works with a decentralized architecture which gives any private or public entity the possibility to produce and manage your own tokens by relying on completely new and accessible features integrated in the currency. Thus, this Augmented Currency enables to build a new service offer and gives a greater benefit in terms of user experience. It therefore gives any user the possibility of accessing a more comprehensive use of the monetary instrument accordingly to its specific needs.

Money By Design’s main goals are:

  • to create an infrastructure that will enable the smart tokenization of the economy
  • to make available to all users the completeness of the functionalities of the currency
  • to create a bridge between the world of institutional finance and the world of Blockchain

The objective is to finance economic, social and political users who request Money by Design’s service offer to tokenize entire sectors of the economy. Token emissions creates new trading zones, including areas where fiat financing is difficult or impossible.

In the Money By Design Blockchain, users can use the currencies in seven different ways through a simple method that will transform any national currency or cryptocurrency into an instrument for counting, measuring, exchanging, producing, depositing, organising and expressing value (voting).

“This full use of the monetary instrument is made possible because it reflects the contemporary movement in which currency is increasingly digital. The Money By Design project opens up the possibility to the entire world of having intelligent monetary instruments in tune with the needs of our time.” says Olivier Rocca, co-founder of Money By Design.

The Money By Design project management team is based on the strengths of two entities: Voxcracy, a start-up company based in Nice (France), specialising in the development of collective intelligence related work and decision-making tools – and Chaineum, bringing its Blockchain and ICO expertise. Both entities collaborate in the Voxchain joint venture.

In order to implement this ambitious project and allow any type of user to subscribe to it, it will be developed through a collective interest cooperative society. This cooperative will be organised on the basis of several working groups, bringing together governments and institutions, banks and insurance companies, multinational corporations, SMEs / SMIs, and associations representing civil society. Its objective will be to work for the continual improvement of monetary functionalities offered in Blockchains, by listing and integrating them within a directory structure in accordance with the standards laid down by the Geo Token.

“The Money By Design project will allow financial institutions to leverage the Blockchain. A collaboration with BNP Paribas French banking Group has already started.”, states Olivier Rocca.

Following the recent successful ICO conducted by Domraider, where Chaineum founder Laurent Leloup acted as Lead advisor, Chaineum is leading this Initial Coin Offering. Chaineum is handling end-to-end management of this fundraising that is fully compliant with regulatory requirements governing ICOs. The ICO target is 300 million euros with a private placement set to debut the week of February 15.

The pre-ICO will open by on March 19, 2018 for a 3-week period.

The ICO will start on April 9 with a non-binding target of €300 million.

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