Uber and Airbnb investor Jeffrey Wernick joins Qtum’s Advisory Board

Blockchain application platform Qtum today announced the addition of veteran investor Jeffrey Wernick to its advisory board. Jeffrey Wernick’s 40 years of experience includes investments in Uber and Airbnb, after which he turned his focus to bank transactions, lending platforms, and the blockchain industry. His advisory role will help guide Qtum’s international growth and development strategies.

Jeffrey Wernick

I meet with many people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, and what impressed me about Qtum is the people and their pursuit of intellectual integrity,” said Jeffrey Wernick. “Qtum is committed to decentralization, and their approach to blockchain is more constructive and adaptive than anything else I’ve seen. Qtum is committed to open source where greater privacy is preserved, and greater benefits accrue to everyone participating in the ecosystem.

Wernick began his career trading options and futures while studying at the University of Chicago. He later worked at Salomon Brothers, then became the youngest Senior Officer at the National Bank of Detroit. Jeffrey Wernick then launched a technology-focused venture capital firm and created a hedge fund to invest in distressed and bankrupt companies, helping to restructure their balance sheets. As an angel investor, his focused expanded to the sharing economy, biomedical, and blockchain technologies.

I have always kept myself anonymous, extremely private, and avoided any recognition of my name. However, now I think the work being done in the blockchain ecosystem and, specifically with Qtum, it is vitally important to be building platforms that are decentralized and trust reinforcing; so, I am going all in,” Wernick remarked.

Qtum recently announced its network launch, Ignition, a groundbreaking blockchain platform which provides the first decentralized governance protocol and proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for smart contracts. Blockchain industry leaders are increasingly looking to Qtum to solve complex issues of scalability and deliverability for their projects, and Qtum delivers a smart contract platform running on a proof-of-stake consensus for the first time.

We’re committed to growing Qtum with guidance from the most experienced minds in technology and finance, and we welcome Jeffrey Wernick as part of this mission,” said Patrick Dai, co-founder at Qtum. “His background in trading, quantitative research, and venture investment gives him unmatched insights.

I have been involved in the crypto world since 2009, and in that year I began speaking to small groups explaining the innovation of bitcoin and blockchain and how transformative this will become,” Wernick stated.


Uber and Airbnb investor Jeffrey Wernick joins Qtum’s Advisory Board


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