CoinDesk launches CoinDesk Productions, hires two Bloomberg veterans

CoinDesk Inc., the digital media and information services company for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and producer of Consensus, the largest and most prominent blockchain technology conference in the world, has announced the launch of its digital media production arm, CoinDesk Productions.

CoinDesk Productions will be producing documentary series and features rooted in crypto and blockchain technology. The first project will be a six-episode series illustrating how blockchain technology is being used today and its potential to change the global technology landscape. Additionally, CoinDesk will be launching a weekly live news show on Twitter that will provide up-to-the-second coverage around blockchain and cryptocurrency, with guest appearances from industry leaders and innovators.

CEO of CoinDesk Kevin Worth said:

CoinDesk is committed to a multi-medium approach to inform, illustrate, and make real the sometimes hyper-technical world that the industry resides in. This six-part series will accomplish just that and will offer an inside look into the future of blockchain. As the leading media company for the industry, we want to bring something new to the table for our core audience and provide an on-ramp for those both inside and outside the industry to join the conversation on how this technology is revolutionizing our world across all verticals beyond finance — including energy, real estate, healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Head of Video at CoinDesk Evan Engel added:

The launch of CoinDesk Productions and our Twitter livestream news show will allow our team to be even more creative in our storytelling. We have the opportunity to deliver stories that have yet to be told in this industry in a new capacity. I’m excited to invite industry leaders, developers, and regulatory experts to our studios to speak with us and provide their insight to our global audience each week.

To fuel its global expansion, CoinDesk has made two new key hires. The first is the addition of Bloomberg veteran Dan Treinish as Managing Director of CoinDesk Business Development, where he will oversee CoinDesk Productions as well as the development of strategic partnerships, international growth, and content licensing. Former Bloomberg Ad Director David Bickford also serves as Managing Director of Client Relationships, where he will be developing and maintaining client partnerships on a global level across CoinDesk’s media properties, including desktop, mobile, live events, video, social, research and data, newsletters, and webinars.

I’m thrilled to have Dan and David’s expertise on our team,” Kevin Worth continued. “Their experience and strategic insights will be invaluable to CoinDesk as we expand our global presence.

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