Ampleforth adds FBG Capital’s Richy Qiao and VTS’ Simon Manka to its team

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The digital-asset-protocol for producing smart commodity-money Ampleforth has just announced that it has appointed Richy Qiao as its Chief Business Officer and Simon Manka as the company’s Head of Growth.

Through my time at FBG, I’ve examined and interacted with nearly a hundred projects – Ampleforth shines as one of the most ambitious visions, paired with a heaping dose of realism,” notes Richy Qiao, Chief Business Officer of Ampleforth. “They understand that in the short-run, cryptocurrencies are a new and uncorrelated asset class, but have a vision to leverage today’s reality in order to redefine fairness tomorrow.

Synthetic commodities are a new tool that certainly has a place in modern portfolio constructs,” commented Simon Manka, Head of Growth for Ampleforth. “Amples would serve a purpose unfulfilled by traditional assets in a way that current-generation digital assets cannot. We believe the blockchain community counts on projects like ours to push the envelope and innovate in the field.

Richy Qiao is currently a Venture Partner at digital asset management firm FBG Capital. Prior to this, he was leading strategy consulting projects across major Wall Street & Main Street banks at Strategy&/PwC.

Simon Manka brings years of sales and growth experience in cryptocurrency from IOSToken (Binance: IOST), a top 50 coin by market cap, and in tech from Waypoint Building Group, and Hightower Inc, which was acquired by VTS, a real estate industry leasing and asset management platform.

We are truly excited to be working with Richy and Simon, they are both talented individuals with exceptionally rare skill-sets. Together they are perfectly suited for launching and growing the Ampleforth network.” said Evan Kuo, CEO of Ampleforth. “We need committed individuals with tenacity and vision to build out such an ambitious product, and we are getting that much closer with them on board.

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