Poloniex Exchange confirms data leak, explains its email on Twitter

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Poloniex, the cryptocurrency exchange, has recently initiated a password reset procedure for all of its clients due to a confirmed email address and password “leak” on Twitter. The information comes from Cointelegraph.

Yesterday, Poloniex sent an email to its customers to let them know that there is a list of leaked passwords and email addresses that can potentially be used to log in to their accounts. A password reset was forced on any email address registered with the exchange. As per the email, it reads the following:

While almost all of the leaked email addresses listed do not belong to Poloniex accounts, we are forcing a password reset on any email addresses that do have an account with us, including yours.

What happened afterwards is quite surprising. After Poloniex sent the email, one of its customers thought this was a scam and used Twitter to bring attention to the alleged “hoax”. However, customer support teams at Poloniex had to explain that the email was indeed valid and there is no scam in it. The exchange reminded every registered customer to reset their password for account security reasons.

There is no clear information as to how exactly the passwords and email addresses landed on Twitter, and what percentage of this “leakage” was related to actual customers’ data from Poloniex. As awkward as the Twitter fiasco may be, the exchange has warned its customers of the leak and further updates are expected from Poloniex in due course.

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