Phore Blockchain to list on high-security Ternion Exchange

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Phore Blockchain, a blockchain platform and ecosystem focused on real-world use, has just announced that it’s digital asset Phore (PHR) will be listed for trading on the high-security Ternion Exchange upon its launch on Nov. 15. The PHR listing will go live on the exchange with a PHR/Bitcoin pairing followed by a PHR/USD fiat pairing in January 2019.

Ternion is only the second exchange in the world to be licensed by the European-based Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). In addition, both Phore and the Ternion Exchange are committed to providing unprecedented levels of security to its users. Both licensing and strong security are important building blocks for growth as blockchain markets move into a more regulated global environment.

We continue our support of promising and revolutionary projects like Phore Blockchain that are aiming to make a feasible impact on the market by fostering easily accessible pathways towards cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption,” said Rudolfs Medvedevs, CEO of Ternion. “We are very happy to partner with the Phore team and to list PHR on the Ternion Exchange. We look forward to aligning our business interests and actively participating in the vibrant ecosystem that Phore is creating.

Ternion has a clear capacity to be one of the leading exchanges in the world,” added Anthony Alleyne, co-CEO of Phore Blockchain. “In my opinion, it will also be one of the few operational gateways for institutional investment in 2019. Rudolfs’ endless drive and ambition are inspirational and I’m honoured that Ternion will be initially launching with Phore and providing a direct fiat gateway for it in early 2019.

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