OKEx with new fiat pairs and second tokensale

digital versus fiat currency

OKEx, the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange, has recently expanded its portfolio offerings with new fiat pairs, including Euro (EUR), Russian Ruble (RUB) and Turkish Lira (TRY). The additions are launched on the C2C fiat-to-token trading platform of OKEx.

The new additions are expected to improve the access to digital coins as OKEx is preparing to launch its second token sale at the end of May, 2019. OKEx is truly taking “advantage” of the strong demand from European investors towards cryptocurrencies. Investors are able to get access to various trading services such as cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency (C2C), derivatives, margin and spot.

According to PRNewsWire, this is what the Head of Operations at OKEx, Mr. Andy Cheung said:

We strive for building a robust crypto ecosystem, that’s why we will never stop expanding and pushing crypto adoption forward. We are so thrilled about the expansion as our C2C platform is fostering the buying and selling of digital assets across Europe with the newly supported currencies.

After the newest features and implementation in the platform, users will be able to place their orders with self-selected exchange rates and choose their payment methods to buy or sell digital coins with fiat currencies.

However, before actually using the C2C market platform, all users must complete a detailed KYC verification process. In addition, all users must provide a valid bank account address and current mobile number before they are onboarded.


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