DAREX – the 100% community-owned crypto exchange


The very first idea of Bitcoin was to have the community of regular people have their “say” in the financial system, especially after the Financial Crisis of 2008. Satoshi Nakamoto invented the “people’s currency”, as Bitcoin is often called, to put the financial power in the hands of the regular people.

In this line of thought, there is a new type of cryptocurrency exchange, one that is owned by its community of users. Darex is creating the first 100% community-owned exchange, with the hope to make trades and investments more easily accessible and available to people, as well as to make the entire transaction process less costly than it currently is.

Cointelegraph reported on the new hybrid product of Darex, stating:

“DAREX’s hybrid model enables users to trade utilities and securities – and the revenue generated from these transactions is subsequently shared with token holders. In time, the exchange hopes to become a “truly beneficial and democratic exchange platform for all.”

The community that will essentially own the exchange are all Darico users, who will receive the Darico Exchange Community Shares, or in short, DECS. The secret “sauce” of being a DECS holder is that you become a shareholder in the exchange, and get a revenue share from the profits. This revenue will be distributed partially on a daily basis, while dividend payouts will also be available on a quarterly basis.

The other benefits of DAREX are that DECS holders will be rewarded with “DECR, the raffle-ticket and reward token, to users whenever they conduct trades.”

DAREX is the first hybrid exchange on the market, comprising elements of a centralized exchange with the profit sharing and ownership of the user community.

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