Abra adds native ETH deposits and withdrawals in the Abra wallet

Abra adds native ETH deposits and withdrawals in the Abra wallet

Global investment app Abra announced today that it has added native integration of Ethereum’s currency, ether (ETH). Abra clients can now deposit, invest, and withdraw ether directly from the Abra app and to directly deposit and withdraw ETH via any other ethereum wallet.

Until now, ETH was available on Abra only as a synthetic asset and clients could only make deposits into the Abra app via a US-based bank account, American Express card, bitcoin, bitcoin cash or litecoin.

By adding native ether support, Abra users will now be able to easily buy and move ether from other wallets to the Abra app,” said Bill Barhydt, CEO and founder of Abra. “This also opens up the potential to use ETH as an on-ramp to invest in the other assets listed on Abra.

Hundreds of thousands of technologists and developers around the world are working to build applications and platforms that will bring the potential of Ethereum’s decentralized world to life,” commented Joseph Lubin, co-founder of the Ethereum project and founder of Consensys, a Brooklyn-based incubator and accelerator focused on the Ethereum ecosystem. “And while ether was intended to be the fuel that powers applications on the Ethereum platform, we are moving into a world where an enormous variety of tokens can start to be used on the payment side of a transaction. We’re thrilled to see the elegant Abra non-custodial wallet natively support ether and Ethereum as another powerful step towards integration amongst various cryptocurrencies, crypto tokens, and state-issued money via banks and credit cards.

Willie Wang, Abra’s Vice President of Product concluded:

The launch of native ether support is a crucial milestone for Abra and we’re excited to embrace the ETH community. The greatest part about this news is that this is just the beginning. In the near future, we will offer native deposit and withdraw support for the other ERC-20 tokens currently listed on Abra, in addition to other new tokens that we will now be able to list.

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