Ether Price Breaks Through $300 level

Ether price has climbed over $300 for the first time in couple of weeks. On September 27th, Ether price level traded consistently above $300, as reported by Coindesk.

With fear coming from regulations (China’s ban on domestic exchanges to trade bitcoin) and the consistent rumors of different countries launching their own domestic digital currencies (Denmark, Estonia, Japan), the Ether price level has fluctuated and had been trading below the threshold of $300 in the last two weeks, or September 12th.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash prices are also climbing up, with Bitcoin breaking $4,000, coming back from the 40% drop in price after China announced it’s banning bitcoin trading and JP Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, slandering  the digital currency as a “fraud”.

As of current, Bitcoin is trading at around $4,160, Ether at $306, and Neo at $31.6, with an increase of around 18%.


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Ether Price Breaks Through $300 level

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