You can now store your Bitcoin into synthetic DNA

Carverr, a Swiss startup, is taking the cryptocurrency industry into a whole other place. Investors are now able to use synthetic DNA to store their Bitcoin, all thanks to the revolutionary work of Carverr.

The company has started a platform that essentially enables investors to convert their cryptocurrencies and the private keys into DNA, which means that storage and security are formidable.

The technique of storing your cryptocurrency keys into a synthetic DNA is called cold storage, where the drop of DNA is actually encoded with a crypto wallet key, as Carverr reported on their Twitter account.

According to SludgeFeed:

“Carverr works by first converting binary code that makes up any piece of data into a combination of four nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA. This is done by simply setting a conversion system (eg., A=00, T=01, G=10, C=11) then leveraging basic molecular biology techniques to create synthetic DNA strands with the exact code that represents the binary output of the desired dataset.”

The idea of using DNA as a storage is not a new one. The building blocks of life store all the information about the humanity and our origin, so it’s not really surprising that researchers are now using DNA to store data.

There have been many applications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies as a whole, but none comes close to storing your private key in a DNA molecule. The field is quite “young” and there haven’t been many attempts to achieve security of tokens by using DNA.


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