McDonalds MacCoin – the new favourite

Millions of businesses and companies of all sorts have already launched their own coins. There are Youtube videos on how to start your own ICO. Initial coin offerings are said to surpass IPOs in the near future in terms of growth potential and “popularity”.

Now, one of the biggest fast food chains in the world, McDonalds is launching its very own coin. But there is a special occasion, it seems. McDonalds’ signature burger – the Big Mac is celebrating “its 50th birthday”. Because of the special anniversary, the company has decided to mark the historical moment with a digital currency.

The coin is called MacCoin and it will be released in a very limited supply for the biggest Big Mac fans. According to UK Express, the coin is already available in the company’s stores around the US, and everyone can purchase a coin and spent these on Big Macs. The supply is limited, but the offering will be active throughout 2018.

Reportedly, more than 14,000 McDonalds’ stores will be participating in the initiative. The company has prepared to launch more than 6.2 million coins. The price of the MacCoin will depend on the price of Big Mac (depending on location and country).

McDonalds has found a very interesting way to attract more customers and honour the Big Mac, which essentially is the burger that made the chain famous and recognised around the globe.


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