Goldman Sachs and Mike Novogratz invest in a $1 trillion cryptocurrency wallet

Mike Novogratz is undoubtedly one of the biggest cryptocurrency supporters., often commenting on the bright future of Bitcoin and the whole market.

Now, he is teaming up with Goldman Sachs, which was rumoured to be creating a cryptocurrency trading desk, to invest in BitGo Holdings Inc.

According to their website, BitGo describes itself as a place for investors to secure their digital assets.

“BitGo Inc. is the market leader in institutional-grade cryptocurrency investment services, providing institutional investors with security, compliance, and custodial solutions for blockchain-based currencies.”

Goldman Sachs and Mike Novogratz’s  Galaxy Digital Ventures are investing a total of $15 million for the company’s series B round. Up until now, as Coin Journal reported, BitGo has already gathered around $85 million from prominent investors, including Redpoint Ventures and Valor Equity Partners.

The $15 million support will go towards the development of the impressive $1 trillion cryptocurrency wallet that BitGo is creating.

This is a massive amount even if the assets were not digital coins. For now, BitGo houses $2 billion in assets, with customers from more than 50 countries and the world’s largest processor of on-chain bitcoin transactions, processing 15% of all global bitcoin transactions”.

The fact that Goldman Sachs is investing along with Mike Novogratz really speaks about the magnitude of how technology develops, and now, BitGo will be housing $1 trillion in digital assets under its “roof”.

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