CoinEX lists NEM (XEM)


CoinEX is one of the leading exchange platforms in the cryptocurrency space.  Back in July 2018, Leaprate reported that CoinEX has surpassed Binance by trading volume.

The exchange incorporated the so-called “trans-fee” mining model. The model allows exchanges to issue its own tokens and pay these to users in exchange for the regular transaction fees involved

Now, CoinEX has announced the listing of the multi-faceted cryptocurrency NEM or XEM. Just last week, the exchange announced margin trading options. The new cryptocurrency listed on CoinEX is NEM and it is multi-faceted since it provides users with a variety of services with the major focus on tracking of online operations as well as timestamping.

The purpose here is to offer easy and smooth management of certificates of achievement, property ownership, the actual verification of the quality of products and others. The focus, however, is on the so called proof-of-importance mechanism or POI. The new listing has four special features and they are the following as reported by William Macmaster of Cryptimi:

  • Multi-signature Contracts
  • Mosaics, which are named assets on NEM.
  • Namespaces – one unique root domain to create many different subdomains for their various projects or outside business accounts
  • Messages – open, encrypted and hex

The official trading of NEM was launched on 4th of July, 2019. The pairs that users can trade are: XEM/USDT, XEM/BTC and XEM/BCH.


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