A world’s first – the Digital Asset Vault

Vontobel, a Swiss investment bank, has designed the first Digital Asset Vault, or in simpler words – the first regulated cryptocurrency custody solution.

Wealth managers, asset managers and banks will now be able to transact with their clients’ money, i.e. deposit, buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a new end-to-end Digital Asset Vault.

According to the press release of Vontobel:

As a result, clients can issue instructions for the purchase, custody and transfer of digital assets easily and securely within the banking infrastructure – like with traditional asset classes.

A sophisticated custodian solution was much needed in the financial world, especially with the rapid development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain on the financial arena. Disruption seemed to be too quick for financial intermediaries to “catch up” and deliver adequate results to their clients. Now, however, Vontobel has created the first custodian solution that actually meets the regulatory requirements of regulators.

Vontobel has significant experience in the custody of digital solutions. The new offering will be based on the HSM technology or Hardware Security Module, which is integrated in Vontobel’s own digital infrastructure.

It is not surprising that it is Vontobel that has developed the state-of-the-art crypto solution, since the bank boasts an impressive digital infrastructure and experience in the field. The bank is the third largest provider of B2B services in Switzerland in the execution and custody areas. The bank supplies over 100 wealth managers and banks with MiFID II-compliant services.

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