Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor has his Twitter, LinkedIn and SIM card hacked

Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor has apparently been the subject of a social media hack.

Ryan Taylor Dash

Ryan Taylor

Through PR firm Wachsman, Mr. Taylor put out the following statement late Wednesday:

It has come to my attention that I have been the target of cybercriminals at sometime this afternoon (Wednesday, 5/9). At the moment, my Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and personal cell phone SIM card have been compromised. However, we’re still evaluating the extent of the attack, as additional channels could be compromised. I will continue to share details as they are surfaced.

A quick peek at Ryan Taylor’s Twitter account at @RTaylor05 confirms the hack, with a series of odd, and somewhat off-putting posts being uploaded over the past two hours, one with an image of Hitler saluting from an open car in a packed stadium with the caption “when you’ve finally made it to lamboland”. Another of the hacked tweets proclaimed Carlos Matos as the new CEO of @Dashpay.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, Dash is the 13th largest cryptocurrency, as measured by market cap. Dash’s market cap of $3.57 billion is about one forty-fourth that of Bitcoin’s $158.63 billion.

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