TopiaCoin – Facebook’s “new enemy”

Mark Zuckerberg is literally under fire these days, after it became known that Facebook has been misusing users’ data in multiple ways. Cambridge Analytica was accused of using data provided by Facebook to get insight into people’s voting “habits”, preferences etc. After Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of the US Congress, the scandal seems to have tamed off. The stock price of Facebook is rising again and once the CEO of Facebook apologized publicly, users seem to have stopped the #deleteFacebook hashtag.

However, the issue is much deeper than that. Users demand privacy and while companies such as Facebook and Google may have exploited their customers, there is still a way for people to protect their data. The solution lies in the “face” of blockchain, and more particularly, what is called TopiaCoin.

TopiaCoin is the latest solution developed by the data security company Topia Technology. The tech giant has been working for years with institutions such as the US Army, FAA, Air Force and others to protect their data. Topia Technology has developed Secrata, a triple-layer data protection system used by the military. Now, the company is combining that level of technology and security with blockchain into its specialized network.

As quoted from Bitcoinist, both individuals and enterprises will be able to quickly and securely share any digital asset without a central server and with the confidence that each transaction is not only performed in a manner agreed upon by the blockchain, but it will also have the ability to guard against multiple threats.

The major problem solved by TopiaCoin is essentially the fact that blockchain offers no security whatsoever for digital assets. By assets, the team means anything that we share on the internet or in the virtual space. Blockchain offers only transaction data and verification.

According to their website, Topia Technology has outlined the manner by which they intend to use their already developed technology with blockchain:

“Topia Technology’s patented security shreds the data into configurable chunks and then wraps each chuck with unique encryption keys.  Your digital asset will be impervious to SSL/TLS exploits and safe from any man-in-the-middle attacks.”  

The major advantages to anyone using TopiaCoin are:

  • Users will be able to share all kinds of data (medical records, financial information, personal information, etc) with each transaction being completely secured by blockchain
  • Users will be able to create a “workspace” where they can easily and securely share their data, while SDFS will shred and encrypt all information so that the digital assets exposed will never be out there from the origination point to the final destination
  • SDFS can securely “transact” any data size or format

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