The TON blockchain launches in late October

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Telegram , the encrypted messenger service provider, is launching the Telegram Open Network in late October, 2019. The information comes from an internal company email to investors.

This is what the project team posted on Telegram regarding the update to investors:

Original investors received emails from the Telegram core team,” and investors will have to provide the “public key to receive their ‘Grams’ (the blockchain network’s native crypto token) by October 16th.

The final deadline for the TON network to go live is October 31st, 2019.

The media recently reminded that Telegram is famous for allowing its users to interact in an encrypted manner on the Telegram network, which now has over 200 million customers from around the world. Telegram was founded by Pavel Durov.

The TON network comes as no surprise after Telegram developed its in-house alt coin called Gram in the beginning of 2018. Telegram is the preferred choice for communication for the cryptocurrency community.

The new blockchain network will aim to facilitate payments, provide e-wallet services and host new variety of DApps. The New York Times recently reported that Gram will operate on a decentralized network similar to that of Bitcoin.

For the creation of TON, Telegram has reportedly raised $1.7 billion in two private token sale rounds some time in 2018. Investors in the rounds included Sequoia Capital and Benchmark. Telegram called off its ICO for the TON network due to regulatory issues.

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