StartApp launches blockchain mobile apps platform Mobilechain

Mobile media and data company StartApp announced that it is launching Mobilechain, a blockchain platform for mobile apps, facilitating the diffusion of blockchain technology down through the mobile app developer network and into the mobile user base. Through the Mobilechain platform, StartApp aims to accelerate mass market adoption of blockchain technologies across the globe by distributing them through one of the biggest markets in the world: mobile.

There are many hurdles for the average mobile app publisher or developer to overcome in order to apply blockchain technologies to their applications. Securing crypto wallets, handling public and private keys, and building smart contracts require a high level of blockchain technical expertise – expertise that most mobile app developers don’t have yet. The Mobilechain platform eliminates these hurdles for mobile developers by distributing pre-developed blockchain technologies and features through a system that mobile developers are already familiar with – the SDK.

The Mobilechain platform allows developers to:

  • Integrate a secure cryptowallet: By managing keys on a remote, encrypted server, publishers and mobile users can manage and access cryptocurrencies inside mobile apps.
  • Build a cryptoeconomy: By using the Mobilechain Token, brands can reward users who visit their physical stores, or reward users for creating content
  • Create faster smart contracts for mobile users: Through the Mobilechain Portal, any app publisher will be able to import predefined smart contract templates, making in-app peer-to-peer transactions faster and easier.

All blockchain integrations will be done through the Mobilechain SDK, so any app developer, regardless of technical skill, will be able to make use of blockchain technologies.

StartApp believes blockchain technology will be the key to transforming the mobile economy.” said Gil Dudkiewicz, CEO and Co-Founder of StartApp. “We believe that, for blockchain technology to be truly adopted by the masses, it needs to be brought into the mobile ecosystem. Once a critical mass of early adopters, like app publishers & developers, implement the technology, mainstream consumers will follow, cementing blockchain as a viable mass market technology worldwide. With StartApp’s expertise in mobile and our vast community of app developers, Mobilechain felt like a natural progression for us.

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