RIF Labs expands with new offices in Singapore and Shanghai


RIF Labs has expanded into Asia, opening two new offices in Singapore and Shanghai.

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, CEO of RIF Labs, commented on the news:

This is an extremely exciting time for the RIF Labs team. Asia has always been a key market for us, as the immense innovation in the region will be integral to realizing blockchain’s full potential and creating the Internet of Value. Our hope is that these two new offices will allow us to forge new relationships with key Asia partners and help solidify the long term success and development of RIF Labs and the RSK blockchain.

Yuan Yuan, co-founder of leading decentralized exchange Dex.top, will be an advisor for growth and development in East Asia.

Yuan Yuan, said:

I have been a firm investor of RSK since 2015. This team has strong technology background with huge potential for financial inclusion innovation. The most promising teams and projects are those persistently pursuing dreams of changing the world. Global expansion in bear market is the proof of confidence and strength.

The Singapore office will be led by Henry Sraigman, the current head of business development at RIF Labs.

I joined the RSK team in 2016 when I first heard of the company’s vision and totally fell for it from the beginning. Building smart contracts over the Bitcoin network was the cornerstone to enable more inclusive blockchain-based societies. I believe Asia plays a key role as it’s the world’s most dynamic region, accounting for 40 percent of the global economy. The South East Asia region specifically presents a strong case for financial inclusion — similar to Latin America — and blockchain technology mass adoption,” he explained.

RIF Labs recently launched the RIF OS Protocol — an all in one, easy to use, blockchain infrastructure service suite.

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