Private equity is getting tokenized – by Harbor, an a16z-backed startup

Private equity is one of the hottest industries to the fundraising world. Deals are usually complicated, “dry powder” is everywhere, yet there are few worthy investments to be made, considering the amount of cash sitting “on the table”.

Now, an a16z-backed company called Harbor is trying to revolutionise the private equity world by allowing more liquidity for PE companies while allowing them to keep their control over the cap table.

Harbor is an institutional-grade digital asset company for fundraising based in San Francisco. The company recently announced the launch of the Harbor 2.0 platform that allows for liquidity, investor management and compliant fundraising for companies. The issuing of private equity will be made possible in a more liquid form than was previously available to companies.

Several special features are now added for companies looking to raise capital in a more efficient and compliant manner. Some of those features include: issuer dashboard, an investor portal and a Trusted Parties option, where issuers will be able to control the trading options.

The CEO of Harbor, Josh Stein, commented on the new platform of his company:

Harbor Platform 2.0 is a turnkey solution for tokenizing private company equity that enables startups to open up fundraising directly to a broader group of investors and create innovative equity programs. Harbor allows companies to create liquidity options under controlled conditions and limit trading among trusted parties.

The startup eco-system in Silicon Valley is often characterised by a cut-throat competition. More and more start-ups are turning to blockchain solutions to cater to their clients’ needs.

Harbor is backed up by notable investors, some of which include Andreessen Horowitz and Founders Fund.

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