Microsoft in partnership with Marks & Spencer with a new blockchain project

Marks & Spencer is partnering with Microsoft to enter a new, AI-blockchain powered technology that could completely change the shopping experience for customers and the whole industry.

According to the CEO of Marks & Spencer the new technology can provide great valued added for all parties involved in the retail business. This is what Steve Rowe said about the new partnership and innovation:

“M&S is transforming into a digital-first retailer, at a time when the sector is undergoing a customer-led revolution. We want to be at the forefront of driving value into the customer experience using the power of technology”

More and more businesses are entering the AI/blockchain field. In particular, Microsoft is one of the software companies that is truly “redesigning” the level-playing field for retail companies. For example, the software giant just recently acquired Bonsai, a startup that develops an AI machine learning system that helps specialists perform their duties with the help of AI, without any necessary background knowledge on AI.

The ultimate goal of AI and blockchain helping the retail industry is mainly to eliminate queues and checkout turmoils experienced by many customers, especially at large retail giants.

Marks & Spencer is perfectly in line with the new developments by Microsoft since the new strategy of the UK retail giant is to put much more focus and investment into digital solutions for business growth and market share.

The system developed by Microsoft is generally used in industries such as energy, robotics, manufacturing etc. Now, after it turns out that AI and blockchain can be implemented quite successfully to help the retail businesses.

More details will be available soon on the new partnership between Microsoft and Marks & Spencer.


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