Libra comes up with new 2.0 Roadmap for the 2020 launch


Libra is going full force with new roadmap for its 2020 launch. While regulatory concerns may have delayed the plans of Facebook to launch its cryptocurrency project, the company has designed a new plan for the upcoming start of Libra.

The information about the second roadmap comes from a blog post from Libra’s developers. They suggest that the project is still operational and there are tests with the technology with some of the Libra Association members.

The 2.0 roadmap comprises the launch of mainnet, the establishment of the criteria for the actual launch and the education of the community on Libra itself.

These are some of the comments in the blog post:

We have finished relevant design work and have gone through a thorough, bottom-up timeline plan for all features. We are now working on a full set of Libra protocol architecture documents and finalizing our external APIs with input from the community.

In addition, all deadlines that were set in the previous roadmap are kept. So far, 8 validation nodes have already been launched in the pre-mainnet. The new strategy is to help non-tech members be engaged when the software is complete.

Also, more members may be invited to join the Association. However, the potential validators will need to contribute significantly to become block producers. For now, there is no exact number of how many validators there are, but some of the payment service providers such as MasterCard and PayPal have left the project.

The ultimate goal for Libra is to welcome new members and to scale the validator nodes to 100 eventually. This will require the exponential growth of validators.

For now, there is no precise plan for the launch of Libra. The project will face regulatory bodies again in June 2020. The 2.0 Roadmap sets some guidelines as to what the next steps are for the developers’ team and give certain clarity on the project’s much-awaited development.

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