HedgeTrade and Bluzelle team up for decentralized data framework

Blockchain-driven social trading platform HedgeTrade announced partnering with decentralized data network Bluzelle to acquire access to its decentralized solution for storing, managing and analyzing data.

In addition to managing data generated from HedgeTrade’s trading platform, Bluzelle’s network will also make sure HedgeTrade’s database has scalability, security and has maximum uptime.

With the growth of cryptocurrency trading platforms, they also generate the need to provide specific data tools. The platforms must also maintain a secure basis for blockchain and trade-related data. This is for security, as well as for analytics and gaining insight for better user experience.


NoSQL databases provide this capacity for platforms such as HedgeTrade so that they can offer good trading experience.

CEO and Co-Founder of HedgeTrade, David Waslen commented:

David Waslen, HedgeTrade

David Waslen,
Source: LinkedIn

HedgeTrade is the first social trading platform where the interests of both professional traders and novices are aligned. All users have a method of hedging risk, a way to maximize profitability, and a trusted source of blockchain-verified trading information. With Bluzelle’s decentralized data storage, we’ll be able to provide our users with data security only achieved through decentralization, as well as a blockchain compatible database that is in step with our fast evolving crypto platform.

Pavel Bains, CEO and Co-Founder of Bluzelle said:

Our decentralized database solution is perfectly suited to support growing crypto platforms. With our globally distributed nodes that allow for mass scalability and a data network that connects to multiple blockchains, Bluzelle offers companies like HedgeTrade a decentralized data solution that goes beyond the internet as we know it. With Cloudflare recently down resulting in mass internet outages, it’s even more evident that decentralized solutions like Bluzelle represent the future of data security.

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