Fusion and Talao team up to provide financial services for freelancers

Fusion Foundation LTD., creator of a public blockchain for fully fledged financial functions, and Talao, the first decentralized reputation protocol and infrastructure for the freelancing economy, have just announced that they have signed a partnership agreement to foster the development of new blockchain-based financial services for the work on demand economy.

According to this agreement:

  • Talao and Fusion R&D teams will participate in future workshops to develop a joint roadmap and explore ways to provide new Fusion blockchain-based services like multi-currencies escrow system, factoring, professional multi risk insurance, personal loans and risk-free lending for the 100 million freelancers working globally. FUSION will support and fund Talao communities to adopt these crypto financial services.
  • Talao plans to lock in a number of Talao tokens and encourage Talao community members to lock in their own tokens to Fusion in order to utilize the crypto financial services. The estimated amount of TALAO tokens to be locked in is 30,000,000 tokens (20% of the total 150,000,000 TALAO token supply), representing 30,000 ETH of services.
  • Fusion will actively share Talao’s vision and benefits with the Fusion community, promoting Talao’s work on-demand service to the Fusion cryptofinance community.

Fusion and Talao will team up to promote crypto financial services for the European Banking and Insurance sectors, the objectives being to:

  1. promote Fusion to key players in these sectors, and
  2. find partners to build advanced financial services for the freelancing community.

DJ Qian, Visionary and Principal of Fusion:

Talao’s mission to create the first token for the freelancing economy could change the way freelancers are working all over the world. With the Talao token they can own their professional data and decide how to monetize it with full independence from platforms. The world is going freelance, and freelancing talent need new inclusive financial services: multi-currencies escrow services to secure the payment of their client, loans based on their professional reputation and abilities to deliver their work. FUSION will provide the infrastructure for such new services, and Talao will help us make them a reality

From Nicolas Muller, CEO of Talao:

Fusion’s vision to introduce the backbone and infrastructure for cryptofinance is where the market is going. This vision, as well as the amazing speed of execution of the Fusion team, will enable our freelancing talent community to use their TALAO tokens to access a brand new world of financial services based on the blockchain. From loans based on reputation to escrow services ensure security, with Fusion we’ll make a great and positive impact on the freelancing community. The work on demand industry is booming, and we’ll help Fusion becomes the infrastructure of it.

FUSION Foundation LTD. is an inclusive public blockchain that provides the infrastructure and architecture for fully fledged financial functions on the blockchain. By cooperating with financial partners, FUSION is building a broad finance ecosystem on the blockchain.

Talao provides large companies and organizations, such as Airbus and Hyperloop, with a technical blockchain-based infrastructure and certification protocol, enabling them to build and run their own extended workforce of freelancing experts. Talao targets to connect companies with a public hub of 5 million talent in technological industries.

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