Food Quality and Blockchain in China

Food quality and blockchain are teaming up to provide a modern blockchain-based food quality control e-place, designed by the Chinese company, Wangjiahuan, an agricultural startup firm.

The company has raised $58 million in a Series A round, which was managed by Global Logistic Properties. Global Logistic Properties is a leading logistics solution company based in Singapore. Wangjiahuan is going to develop a revolutionary blockchain-based warehouse centers that will be “powered” by big data cloud platform. The whole set-up will be used to efficiency analyze information to enhance logistics and help the warehouse centers.

Global Logistic Properties or GLP is in fact created to invest specifically in logistics and logistics-related solutions.

On the other hand, Wangjiahuan is a Chinese agriculture product distributor established in 1995. The company provides catering services to different client types, including factories, schools, hospitals etc. The firm currently operates a central kitchen, logistics, an e-commerce platform, warehouse centers and more.

Food quality is becoming increasingly important and difficult to maintain given the arising logistics issues that occur, especially for China. By allowing a well-established company, such as Wangjiahuan, to use its already established network and resources and combine those with a blockchain-powered platform will undeniably help GLP in solving more and more food quality and logistics-related issues in China.

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Food Quality and Blockchain in China

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