Fenixera launches a crypto-accounting platform for small businesses

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Based in Norway, Fenixera is a global debt recovery service platform that protects people from having to write-off international debt. The company essentially makes it easier for someone to maintain a good credit score by managing accounts, collecting invoices, etc.

The software used by Fenixera allows users to check people’s payment and credit history (which also includes the possession of cryptocurrency assets), and all of that – regardless of where people live. The project has already been funded with $140k. In addition to the platform, authorised accountants in Norway will be providing any necessary support.

The company has expanded to several countries, including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, etc. The invoicing system of Fenixera is free-of-charge and can be used by users around the world.

The company has an in-house loyalty system that allows customers to receive FNA tokens for actually using Fenixera’s services and for the funds they spend with the company. The hard cap of these tokens is 400k, while the total supply is 800 million FNA tokens. The value of the token can be initially from $0.1, and it can go up to $4-$5 afterwards.

Valerijus Svitovas, Chairman of Fenixera, commented on the company’s international strategy, saying:

“After starting as a small bookkeeping company, working exclusively with Norwegian firms, we are going global this year. Our next branch will open in Lithuania on 29th March 2019, and many others will follow. We recognise that traders worldwide need legitimacy and integrity when it comes to managing cryptocurrencies, and Fenixera has the expertise and knowledge to ensure their protection.”

Fenixera is working to streamlining the cryptocurrency payments system and the debt collections internationally for people. Users are able to track their credit score and its improvement through the alleviations that are made by Fenixera’s premier accounting software. The Norwegian company is currently expanding internationally.


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