Fake accounts try to sell Facebook’s Libra at a discount

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Facebook’s Libra is getting traction as the project is going full speed ahead. However, it’s not only the regulatory heat that Facebook has to deal with currently. Dozens of fake accounts are now claiming to sell Libra at a discount.

The cryptocurrency is not released, yet scammers are all over the place. The information comes from official posts from the Daily Mail and the Washington Post, which say the following:

…details dozens of accounts, pages, and groups, across both Facebook and Instagram claiming to be official outlets for buying the currency sometimes at a discount.

Scammers are using the official logo of Facebook and special marketing materials to lure users into buying the unreleased Libra.

Once the user is hooked up on the fake account, they are sometimes redirected to other websites, such as BuyLibraCoins.com. These websites also have the same official Facebook logo and use the same fake, but real-looking marketing materials.

The real website for Facebook’s Libra is Calibra.com.  However, another website that is fraudulent is Calìbra.com. The only difference in the domain names of the two websites is the “i”.

Again, from a post from the Daily Mail quotes the following from Eswar Prasad, an economics professor at Cornell University:

There is a deep irony here in Facebook being used as the platform that could undermine trust in the currency Facebook is trying to build trust in.

More about Facebook’s Libra can be found here:

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