CG Blockchain collaborates with SENSE

SENSE, the blockchain protocol for human knowledge with offices in Santa Monica and the Cayman Islands, has announced its collaboration with CG Blockchain, Inc. (BCT), a New York-based company developing powerful sets of blockchain-based tools and services for the financial services industry. This collaboration aims to simplify the way individuals communicate and share complex concepts across multiple platforms.

Under the collaboration, SENSE tokens will be earned for the knowledge work users execute via the integrated messaging available on BCT’s Blockchain Terminal platform. User data in the form of knowledge contributions will be attributed to both BCT and the owners of the data, with the rewards allocated when the data is accessed by other partners in the SENSE ecosystem. SENSE tokens can then be used to discover, access and contact specific individuals throughout the ecosystem.

What we call ‘work’ is getting smaller, more global, more digital and more decentralized, and it generates a huge amount of data that SENSE converts back into opportunities for people to both share and learn from across applications in the SENSE Network. Collaborating with BCT would heighten awareness of the most knowledgeable individuals in the global BCT community, empowering those individuals,” said Ariel Jalali, Founder and CSO of SENSE.

SENSE incentivizes an alternate business model for the internet and social apps, one that empowers rather than exploits users, rewarding them for their time, attention and data. It also provides opportunities for people to “level up” to a new way of working, sharing knowledge and creating greater purpose.

Integrating the best third-party apps from cutting-edge developers around the world is key to the success of the BC Terminal, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have the chance to welcome the SENSE platform into our ecosystem,” added Bob Bonomo, President of BCT.

This represents a transformation in how users can communicate and participate in Blockchain Terminal’s training environment with compliance,” Oz Sultan, Chief Strategist of BCT. “It’s about taking things that are extremely complex and making them simple, in a world that’s looking to define regulation.

CG Blockchain offers a number of tools for hedge funds, wealth management enterprises, and other institutional traders to trade cryptocurrency, including with the Blockchain Terminal (BCT), a single, integrated interface for trading cryptocurrency across 87 major cryptocurrency exchanges. The systems are underpinned by the firm’s proprietary ComplianceGuard, the first software developed to monitor traders’ desktops while simultaneously writing all transactions to a private blockchain, rendering the transactions immutable.

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