Blockpass teams up with Blockchain Advisory


Maltese-based Blockchain Advisory (BCA) has just announced a strategic alliance and collaboration with Blockpass IDN.

The two companies’ aim is to create a reg-tech focussed compliant ecosystem within blockchain, and bring together two established businesses already at the forefront of legal compliance.

Blockpass has announced a number of key collaborations recently, including the ones with Infinito Wallet and peer-to-peer security token trading platform DSTOQ.

CEO of BCA, Jonathan Galea:

Customer due diligence procedures and general AML processes have become more important than ever in the novel industry of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. The strategic partnership with Blockpass gives our clients access to and the cutting-edge technology provided by Blockpass coupled with peace of mind regarding security and compliance with the latest regulatory requirements.

CEO of Blockpass, Adam Vaziri commented:

What’s definitely evident is that regulatory bodies are interested in blockchain based DApps and businesses, and that’s what make this strategic alliance with BCA so powerful. By combining our solution with their expertise, we are creating a think tank that will make a compliant reg-tech ecosystem accessible to all players within the space.


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