Blockchain travel company Winding Tree announces strategic partnerships with Zeppelin_OS and RSK

Winding Tree, the blockchain-based travel distribution platform, announced a strategic partnership with both Zeppelin_OS and RSK, blockchain technological companies.

Winding Tree removes third party intermediaries, in order to bring innovation back into the travel industry, while at the same time significantly reducing costs for consumers. Winding Tree has already announced partnerships with top travel related names such as the Lufthansa Group, Air New Zealand, Nordic Choice Hotels, and Aruba’s ATECH Foundation to bring blockchain technology to travel.

Zeppelin_OS is an open framework of reusable and smart contacts that helps reduce the risk of vulnerabilities in blockchain applications by using standard, tested and community-reviewed code. Zeppelin has recently announced Zeppelin OS, a set of smart contracts maintained and governed by a community where everything will be on chain: upgradeable contracts, a governance platform, scaling solutions and more. With Winding Tree already having such features planned for its platform, the partnership will allow for collaborative resources to be spent on the development of the open-source smart contracts.

RSK is the first open-source smart contract platform powered by the Bitcoin network, with a goal of adding value and functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Winding Tree’s platform will be the first Ethereum token usable across both the Ethereum and Bitcoin network thanks to the RSK partnership. RSK has some very promising scalability solutions for the bitcoin blockchain, the RSK network can already process 100 txs per second, five times more than the current ethereum network. Winding Tree will also be releasing its demo app on top of the RSK network.

These partnerships will further Winding Tree’s goals of decentralizing the travel industry, which is currently dominated by two main companies, Priceline and Expedia. Because they have such a strong hold in the travel market, the prices are controlled in their favor. High distribution fees force airlines and hotels to charge potential customers higher fees. The dominance and interference of these intermediaries is stifling not only the expansion of travel innovation startups, but also is hindering the ability of consumers to find fair and affordable travel deals. Winding Tree’s blockchain-based travel platform makes travel more accessible and cheaper to the traveler and the travel provider, removing any high fees these third parties impose.

We are thrilled to announce our newest partnerships with Zeppelin_OS and RSK, as they will further our goals of staying at for the forefront of technological innovation on the blockchain.” said Maksim Izmaylov, Founder and CEO of Winding Tree, “Winding Tree has dedicated itself to decentralizing the travel industry, and these partnerships are strategic in ensuring that goal.

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