Blockchain-based mobile data trading trial conducted by DENT and PLDT

DENT Wireless Limited and PLDT (HK) Limited today announced they have successfully completed a friendly user trial together. In this trial, selected PLDT HK customers in Hong Kong were able to buy and sell their mobile data with each other using DENT’s prototype app for iOS. This prototype, an extension of DENT’s commercial app, is powered by blockchain technology and utilises DENT tokens as the currency for trading.

PLDT HK is constantly looking for innovative ways to serve the needs of overseas Filipinos. Our test customers warmly welcomed the concept of a mobile data trading app which they could easily use to sell data that they don’t need or buy more data from others. We are thankful to all our customers who participated in this test run,” said Joel Lumanlan, General Manager of PLDT HK.

Tero Katajainen, CEO of DENT Wireless added:

We are extremely excited about this successful trial with PLDT HK. It shows customers love our mobile data trading app and the underlying technology works seamlessly. The implementation and connectivity to the billing system of this operator took only three weeks from start to finish, thanks to the talented team of PLDT HK.

The results of this friendly user trial once again confirm DENT’s vision is the right one. Last month a market research study by Ericsson ConsumerLab already delivered key insights that customers want the ability to trade their mobile data. Now, the trading results combined with the feedback we received from the participants confirm these insights are accurate.

The next step for DENT will be to launch a commercial service in cooperation with Mobile Operators around the world. Offering mobile data trading with DENT is a great opportunity for Telcos to attract and retain customers, to drive additional revenues and to create a positive brand image by giving customers a new and exciting way of engagement,” concluded Ramon Greep, SVP Telco Operations, DENT Wireless.

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