Arweave and Loki partner to launch SILO, a privacy-centered web protocol

Loki, a blockchain privacy network, and Arweave, a blockchain data storage protocol based in Berlin, today announced their successful partnership in launching SILO, web services protocol focused on privacy, which will allow users to create and operate websites that are fully private.

SILO will combine Loki’s anticipated capability to guarantee private online communication and transactions, and Arweave’s unique decentralized and immutable internet iteration to facilitate the creation of private, permanent web pages, which will allow users to communicate and access the internet anonymously. Loki’s platform will provide security for communication and transactions that are conducted via SILO, to ensure the anonymity of users and their transactions on SILO.

The main difference between SILO and traditional internet services is that the latter are vulnerable to surveillance by third parties, the blacklisting of websites and the removal of online content, while the data created on SILO will be encrypted and stored permanently on Arweave, and a private key will be issued to prevent unauthorized access and alteration by third parties.

Arweave’s CEO, Sam Williams, commented that:

The birth of the internet unlocked huge potential for the free flow communication and dissemination of information globally. However, the digital realm is increasingly monitored and censored by governments and corporations. As our lives move more and more online, the value derived from private and secure web access is colossal. SILO allows users to share information permanently on the internet without having to run a server. Through our recently launched permaweb, information posted and processed through SILO will be fully immutable and censorship resistant, ensuring that third parties cannot seek to hide anything from the public in the future.

The Project Lead and Co-founder of Loki, Simon Harman explained:

Many people will find the availability of anonymous and secure ways of engaging with the internet surprising, but technologies providing improved security for end users are constantly under development. Our collaboration with Arweave will give internet users a new avenue for totally private and censorship-resistant internet access, publishing, and online communication. This tool provides a private, safe space online where anyone can disseminate information anonymously and irreversibly. Tools like this are important for the health of democracies and individual rights all over the world.

He further added that:

The launch of SILO to the public marks the first unique SNapp to be launched on the Loki platform. Setting a high standard through our collaboration and partnership with Arweave, we hope that it shall soon be joined by other sophisticated services in the near future, following the launch of Lokinet. We have no doubt that this is the first exciting development of many for the wider Loki ecosystem.

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