The first coffee machine powered by Bitcoin

Bitcoin is often hailed as the “people’s currency”, because of its decentralization and blockchain technology. Bitcoin is now entering people’s everyday lives, it seems, as the first bitcoin-powered coffee machine is now available.

The creator of the innovative technology is Ricardo Reis, an entrepreneur from Brazil. The idea behind the Bitcoin-coffee machine is to show that Bitcoin can actually be used as money that can be programmed to do different things, for example, make coffee.

The machine has a special QR code that is used when someone needs to make their coffee. Then, users must deposit some amount of Bitcoin in the wallet connected to the coffee machine. The whole process is done through the user’s phone and Bitcoin payment.

The ultimate goal of Reis to found such a connection between Bitcoin and coffee machines is to lean more about how Bitcoin can be used in such similar cases. He commented that he is not into cryptocurrencies that much, but that he holds some Bitcoin and is interested in the digital currency as money that can be controlled and programmed.

Reis has also created a website for the innovative products. According to Reis, while the coffee machine does not actually use Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN), he is going to continue exploring the potential of Bitcoin as a programmable money and hopes to be able to develop a machine with LN.


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