Goldman Sachs launches a cryptocurrency trading desk in 2018

While this week has been hard for Bitcoin and other altcoins, the summer of 2018 seems promising. Probably the world’s most respected investment bank, Goldman Sachs, is now considering the launch of a cryptocurrency trading desk in 2018. With the respect and brand that Goldman has, this may be a pivotal moment for the firm establishment of Bitcoin and the digital currency market.

With a $35 billion in annual revenue and a say in major deals around the globe, Goldman has been at the forefront of financial innovation for decades.

Given the reputation and ranking of the investment bank, it is no wonder why the topic of Bitcoin is extremely hot talk at the firm. Recently, the Goldman held a special talk called “The Evolution of Bitcoin” as part of the Talks at GS program. According to Bitcoin News, the talk featured the CEO of 21 Inc, Balaji Srinivasan and Coin Center’s Jerry Brito. The major topic was “public policy issues for digital currency and the evolution of Bitcoin and its long-term potential.”

According to Bloomberg, the investment bank is now in the search of a strong team that will be involved in the new cryptocurrency trading desk.

“While the bank hasn’t made a decision where to house the desk, one possibility is that it will operate within the fixed-income, currencies and commodities unit’s systematic trading function, which conducts transactions electronically.”

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