“Going To Vegas” Is The Same As Investing in Bitcoin, Says Tony Robbins

As CNBC reported today, Tony Robbins said about bitcoin:

I think [bitcoin] is very iffy, I don’t have a clue. I look at that as it’s like going to Vegas.”  

It’s certainly been a wild ride for bitcoin and bitcoin cash, as the price recently dropped by more than 40%, fluctuating between all-time high levels of around $5,000 to around $3,000. Now, the digital currency is speeding up again in its price, Tony Robbins said that one never knows about bitcoin, it’s like going to Vegas.

Robbins also commented that even if you can make a ton of money off something, or a particular investment, this does not mean you can be sure in your gain the next day. Just as it is with bitcoin. On the global arena, there are speculations that Bitcoin may be a “fraud” and possible the biggest bubbles of all.

Though governments and central banks fully realize the importance and scale of Bitcoin, Tony Robbins said that while part of his portfolio is invested into risky investment, he actually does not count on them to work out all the time in the best possible way.

Robbins added: 

“Index funds take a ‘passive’ approach that eliminates almost all trading activity,” Robbins writes in his book “Unshakeable.” “When you own an index fund, you’re also protected against all the downright dumb, mildly misguided or merely unlucky decisions that active fund managers are liable to make.”

It does not seem  that Tony Robbins is the exception to the rule that most institutions are “wary” of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the annual growth of bitcoin now amounts to around 429%, despite the volatility in price levels.


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"Going To Vegas" Is The Same As Investing in Bitcoin, Says Tony Robbins

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