OXID integrates Klarna as core payment solution

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Klarna, the payment provider, and OXID eSales, a provider of e-commerce solutions and services, has announced that they will partner to enable more than 12,000 merchants to seamlessly integrate Klarna’s full suite of payment methods, providing customers with flexibility in payments and a smoother shopping experience.

Klarna is now part of the core integration in OXID’s latest version of their merchant software OXID eShop. Through a simplified on-boarding process as well as a straightforward setup and configuration, online shops in Germany, UK, the Nordics, Austria and the Netherlands will now be able to integrate Klarna payment methods based on their own needs as well as local preferences.

Through this partnership, merchants expanding to new markets will be able to take full advantage of OXID’s and Klarna’s capabilities. As a shopsystem, OXID provides merchants with multi-brand management as well as easy administration of sub-shops, and Klarna’s global checkout solution allows end-customers to pay via Klarna in 170 markets.

As ecommerce becomes an increasingly competitive space, and customers demand a friction free and intuitive user experience when shopping online, a smooth payment alternative is one of the crucial elements in delivering that experience. Babymarkt, who launched with Klarna through OXID, saw that by creating a more streamlined checkout process, it has resulted in a clear increase in average order value, a significant decrease in checkout abandonment as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Bastian Siebers, Managing Director, Babymarkt, said:

Thanks to our efficient collaboration with OXID and Klarna, we have been able to optimise our customer journey in just a few months. Thanks to the Klarna Checkout we can now offer the preferred payment methods in each market with minimal effort. Besides invoice, one of Germany’s most popular online payment methods, we offer part payments, especially preferred for high-ticket items. As a result, we have already increased our customer satisfaction and average order value – a great win-win situation.

Roland Fesenmayr, CEO, OXID eSales AG, commented:

For any merchant, choosing the right payments provider is important to remove unnecessary obstacles in the checkout process and thereby convert users into customers. Studies show that turnover rises with the number of payment options in the checkout, and we contribute to our merchants success by offering them maximum flexibility in providing the payment method that their customers prefer. Klarna is a recognized leader in the payment industry, with a proven track record of delivering the payment options merchants need to keep a competitive edge.

Rogier Schoute, Vice President Global Partnerships, Klarna, added:

We are excited to launch our full suite of smooth payment solutions together with OXID, enabling merchants to compete more effectively in key European markets. OXID and Klarna have a shared vision of helping merchants unlock growth by providing an exceptional customer experience by removing unnecessary friction associated with the checkout process. Together, we have optimised the customer journey and experience and thereby improving conversion rates, increasing average order value and ultimately driving customer loyalty for our merchants. Klarna also assumes responsibility for managing credit and fraud risks, allowing merchants to quickly receive payment for the orders, and allowing consumers to pay only if they’re happy with their purchase. We look forward to offer a seamless integration of additional flexible payment options to a wider merchant base.

Klarna is core integrated in OXID 6.0.3+. For merchants and agencies, the partnership means lower maintenance and provides them with reassurance that the extension has been reviewed and tested by OXID Engineers, and that it will be updated with the latest OXID releases.

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