Questrade set to launch new IQ trading platform

Canada’s Questrade has a novelty on its mind and it is a totally new trading platform, set to leave the company’s existing IQ platforms retire decently. The new solution, set to be released later this year, will offer traders easy access to the platform across a range of devices (including mobile gadgets), improved integration with research tools, as well as instant access to traders’ favorite tasks.

The broker has agreed to pull back the curtain on some of the new features:

4314.go-to-screen_thumbnail.png-550x0Instant access to traders’ favorite tasks

This will be achieved via new go-to screens. Go-to screens get traders to the tasks they most often perform with just a click (or tap). Users of the platform will be able to easily look up a stock, transfer money in (and out), update their options level, find a tax slip – all from one screen to another, one task to the next.

Trading from various devices

3108.gadget_thumbnail.png-550x0Traders can customize the platform to suit their trading style, the platform also adapts wherever they are and however they prefer to log in. The platform will unify desktop, tablet, and mobile trading. Traders can review their account information, add a stock to a watchlist, and set their preferences on their home computer then pick up where they left off on their smartphone.

Radar trading

When traders type the first few letters of a security in the search bar and the platform goes to work, instantly giving them a list to choose from. Once they are done with it, they will see a small icon in the left toolbar with the security’s symbol and percentage change. The platform makes it easier to find it, keep it on the radar, and pounce when the time is right.

Research tools

The company is loading the new platform with research tools to make trading smarter and faster. Traders can read news articles and watch streaming videos directly from Morningstar, access Market Intelligence for reports, earnings, and other fundamental research. Education tools will also be available via a library of help articles, FAQs, how-to videos, and blogs.

To learn more about the new platform, click here.

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