Invast Australia launches direct market access CFDs

Invast Australia has today announced the launch of Direct Market Access (DMA) Global Equity CFDs, providing traders an opportunity to trade CFDs across a number of local and international exchanges and thus aligning itself with an increasing industry direction of increasing the range of CFD products available.

CFD trading has long since been a London-centric methodology, with many other jurisdictions in the world providing their traders with spot FX, however companies from many regions are now not only expanding their range of CFDs but also embarking on methods of exporting British CFD trading solutions to client bases around the world.

Clients which opt to trade DMA CFDs with Invast Australia will gain access to global equity markets, along with transparent pricing direct from the exchange.

The ability to trade opening and closing auctions (such as the ASX) will be possible, and the company will offer low margins across the full range of global markets with minimal platform fees and active trader discounts.

Invast Australia will provide users of its Invast IressTrader platform with exclusive Foundation Membership and a bonus of up to $1,390.


For the full announcement from Invast, click here.

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