FXPro seeks to reduce risks amid uncertainty over Greece’s future

European retail Forex broker FXPro is seeking to cut potential risks for its clients, as uncertainty builds over Greece’s future and chances are high that when markets open on Monday there will be excessive volatility.

The brokerage wishes to assure its clients that it is doing everything within its powers to limit such risks and warns that trading with EUR pairs may be subject to higher margin.

The company adds that it could restrict EUR trading further and set positions with EUR instruments to “Close only” if necessary.

The company notes that the measures it will take depend on the developments this weekend. Greece may be heading for a referendum on the bail-out conditions proposed by international creditors, but Eurogroup ministers said on Saturday they will not extend the aid program for Greece beyond June 30, 2015. Greeks keep lining up to withdraw cash from ATMs, as concerns grow that Monday may be a “bank holiday” in the country.

To view the official announcement by FXPro, click here.

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