eToro’s Pavel Salas joins Expert Board of Russia’s Forex organization CRFIN

Russia’s Forex self-regulatory organization Centre for Regulation in OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies (CRFIN) has welcomed one more member to its Expert Board.

The latest Forex expert to join the body is Pavel Salas, CEO of eToro Russia&CIS.

Pavel Salas has worked in the Forex industry since 2009, with his work focused on the Latin American markets until 2013. In 2013 he returned to Russia and assumed the position of VP of Sales&Development in Alfa-Forex. Salas is a practicing trader and author of numerous educational programs in the areas of investment.

Pavel Salas joins CRFIN’s Expert Board at an important moment both for the Russian Forex industry, which will soon be fully regulated, as well as at an important time for eToro, which has been making strides to expand in the Russian market. The company has secured investment from leading banks, including Russia’s Sberbank to fund its global expansion.

As a member of CRFIN’s Expert Board Pavel Salas will play a part in decisions concerning the Russian retail Forex market. Among the functions of this advisory body is preparation of proposals regarding the work of the Forex industry and submitting them to state authorities.

To view the official announcement by CRFIN, click here.

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