Coinsetter hires Kyle Kemper as SVP of Global Business Development

Coinsetter, the bitcoin exchange network for active traders, today announced the hiring of Kyle Kemper as Senior Vice President of Global Business Development. In addition to his role at Coinsetter and Cavirtex, Canada’s largest Bitcoin exchange, Kemper continues to be Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance, Canada, an advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness of Bitcoin.

Already a prominent fixture in the Bitcoin industry, Kemper was a founder of the Bitcoin Strategy Group, a lobbying organization for digital currency in Canada. On April 9, 2014, Kemper testified in front of the Canadian Senate to advocate for clarity in digital currency regulation. During the session, Kemper and colleagues including former Ottawa Mayor Larry O’Brien demonstrated the purchase of bitcoins through various mediums. The group showed transactions over a Bitcoin wallet, through the Cavirtex exchange, and through a Bitcoin ATM, which Kemper personally brought to the Senate floor. Kemper continues to serve as a frequent advisor to the Canadian Senate on matters related to digital currency.

Previously, Kemper served as Head of Tipping at ChangeTip, a VC-backed social payment service that allows users to send money on any platform, at any time, with no fees and no minimums. Additionally, Kemper served as Vice President of Business Development at Cavirtex under its previous management.

Before joining the Bitcoin industry, Kemper was Co-Founder of WickidApps, a mobile application development firm, and served as a venture capital analyst at BDC.

A graduate of Dalhousie University, his mother Margaret was married to former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Kemper is the half-brother of Justin Trudeau, the current leader of the Canadian Liberal Party.

Coinsetter CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz said, “Kyle has already made a noticeable impact on Coinsetter through his interaction with our customers, which helps drive our product development. We have a substantial announcement for market makers in the pipeline this month thanks to his contributions.”

Coinsetter SVP of Global Business Development Kyle Kemper said, “Over the next couple years we will help bridge the gap between legacy financial systems and the digital currency revolution.” Said Kemper, “Coinsetter’s focus on security, Wall Street-grade trading technology, customer-service, and regulatory compliance serve to provide a foundation for long-term sustainable growth.”

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