Advanced Markets and Fortex launch open standard algo engine

Advanced Markets Ltd., a prime-of-prime solutions provider, has entered into a strategic partnership with independent developer of real-time, multi-asset trading platforms Fortex Inc. in order to release Algo X, a new open source algorithmic engine that enables traders to develop algorithms in standard computer languages including JavaScript and C#.

The Algo X engine, which has gone into service today, runs within Fortex 6, a new front-end trading platform. Advanced Markets supports Fortex 6 and the Algo X engine with low latency Direct Market Access (DMA) to its multibank liquidity pool. Trades are routed to bank liquidity providers in less than 10 micro-seconds, often enabling executions on the price that triggered the algorithm’s buy or sell signal.

“We believe Algo X advances the state of the art for algorithmic trading in ways that have a powerful impact on trading performance,” said Daniel Chen, CEO, Fortex Inc. “The combination of the new engine and Advanced Markets’ low latency DMA multibank liquidity paradigm drives institutional-grade trade executions for algorithmic traders.”

The new platform and algorithmic engine are the latest new product releases by the technology firm with Advanced Markets. In June 2012, the two firms launched UltiMT, The Ultimate MetaTrader Broker Solution, which provides unparalleled operational performance and stability for MT4 brokers. Advanced Markets’ entire technology infrastructure was developed by Fortex as a single, unitary system. This approach minimizes inter-system connection points that slow system performance and operating reliability.

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