Acuity Trading adds new Market Alerts Sentiment Indicator to offering

Fintech firm Acuity Trading announced today the rollout of its latest innovation, the Market Alerts Sentiment Indicator.

The Market Alerts Sentiment Indicator identifies market sentiment towards any given stock from the global news and online investment community. However, it goes further by identifying when similar market sentiment levels or ‘patterns’ have occurred in the past. These instances are analysed to determine what the effect on price was within a particular timeframe. As a result, traders are offered a clear indication of what could happen again under the same conditions.

MT4-market-alerts-with-order-ticket-close-up_small-300x463“This product embodies the predictive capabilities highlighted in our recent research conducted by Barcelona University on our sentiment data and is an example of what opportunities lie in big data.” says Andrew Lane, Acuity’s Managing Director. “The Market Alerts indicator is specifically designed to surface new trade ideas that the rest of the market won’t easily have identified because the trends are too inconspicuous without technological capabilities.”

The Market Alerts, like the rest of Acuity’s products, is a highly visual tool simple to use but at the same time – at the forefront of its design. Easy to install, covering all asset classes and featuring a range of fully customisable options including a confidence level, the alerts can be set to display only those which match traders’ risk appetites. The new product has proven useful on its own and in combination with other indicators – this is suggested by the popularity of the solution amid Acuity’s clients who have been trialling the service during its development.

Brad Alexander, VP of Sales at Acuity Trading, commented on some analysis of recent alerts.

“Recent results for hourly alerts on EURUSD were correct in 9 out of 11 cases during a 24 hour period with most leading to significant price movement. In a similar time frame, 4 out of 4 alerts on the Dow Jones index were also correct and in the month of September, our results on Crude Oil were correct in 8 out of 9 cases.”

“This level of confidence in an indicator is truly exciting,” continues Mr Alexander. “What we are seeing is the movement of sentiment from an ambiguous idea to something tangible and actionable.”

To view the official announcement from Acuity Trading, click here.

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