27% of young Germans: Bitcoin will double in value within 2 years

According to a survey, conducted by Coincierge.de, 27% of young Germans believe that bitcoin will more than double in value in 2 years.

The poll was taken between 10th – 17th April 2019 and surveyed 2,054 German adults to gauge their attitudes towards bitcoin. At the time of the poll, the bitcoin price was 4,446 Euros.

The results revealed that 15% of Germans believe bitcoin more than double in value to 10,000+ Euros, while 25% believe it will at least halve in value.

  • 26% believe it will half or be worth nothing
  • 15% believe it will double or more in value
  • 3% believe it will be worth more than 20,000 Euros
  • 48% were unable to answer

Martin Schwarz, Editor of coincierge.de, commented:

The data shows that Germans are still uncertain about the future of bitcoin. While some speculations reach from no value at all to 50.000 EUR or more, many answers see the Bitcoin price remain around the current level. The younger generate are also much more optimistic on bitcoin, with 27% believing it will more than double in price compared to only 15% of the average adult.

Full information and results can be found here.

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