Investment giant Blackrock hit by UK clone firm

British regulatory authority warns that a bogus website is operating which unlawfully uses the same name as global investment giant BlackRock, as well as the firm’s FCA registration number

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FCA warns on another China focused FX clone site, FXCFSE

The dubious practice of cloning the website and corporate identity of British firms continues, this time with FXCFSE attempting to dupe clients in the Asia Pacific region into investing by emulating genuine firm Cargill Financial Services Europe Ltd

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FCA warns against FX clone site of Sapien Capital Limited

The practice of cloning is alive and well among unregulated entities wishing to dupe clients from the Asia Pacific region into investing on the premise that they are becoming a client of an established London-based company. The FCA has pointed out yet another example of imitation, and advises caution

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Alpari UK Warns of Unauthorized Clone Websites

With a number of bogus websites attempting to dupe customers, Alpari issues a public warning to potential investors to clarify no connection between itself and the array of sites.

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