West Australian property developer and Macro Realty Group of companies consent to extend interim orders obtained by ASIC

West Australian-based property developer, Ms Desiree Veronica Macpherson, and various companies associated with the Macro Realty Group, of which Ms Macpherson is a director and direct/indirect shareholder, (the Macro Companies) have consented to ASIC continuing various interim orders obtained in the Perth Federal Court earlier this year.

ASIC had previously obtained a range of interim orders in the Perth Federal Court on 21 July 2016 restraining Ms Macpherson and the Macro Companies from providing financial services advice, dealing in financial products, promoting financial products and otherwise carrying on a financial services business. ASIC also obtained various travel restraint and asset preservation orders at this time (refer: 16-258MR).

The consent orders obtained today continue the interim orders until 4.00pm on 30 June 2017, or until further order. The final hearing date of 19 December 2016 has now been vacated. Ms Macpherson may apply to vary the orders with 24 hours notice.

The orders were sought as part of ASIC’s ongoing investigation into a land development in the Pilbara region of WA, known as “The Newman Estate”, which was subject to ASIC action and Federal Court permanent restraint orders in May this year (refer: 16-092MR)

The investigation is continuing.

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